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Several wrestlers considering leaving WWE

Are more WWE Superstars looking to leave the company? The departures of Austin Aries and Neville may just be the beginning. As noted over the weekend, there are wrestlers seeking advice from Cody Rhodes as they plan on their exit from WWE. Quite frankly, it’s a smart move because they have a bloated roster and eventually they will have to release some names due to budget cuts. Some wrestlers may be worried about their release but others seem to be looking forward to it.

Dave Meltzer was asked on Twitter about rumors of a mass talent exodus and wrestlers seeking advice from Cody Rhodes. He wrote, “Several are thinking about it, as far as asking Cody, it would make sense to do that but you’d have to ask him.”

As previously noted, Meltzer said on his Wrestling Observer forum that some wrestlers have reached out to him and he referred them over to Rhodes. WrestleMania is just a few months away and around Mania season we’ll find out who is left off the card. That should give us an indication on who WWE is considering to be a priority and who should be thinking about working on the independent circuit.

In somewhat related news, some fans have speculated that Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas walked out. That is not the case at all. Dallas is said to be ill and Wyatt would not have been mentioned on Raw if he was not on good terms with the company.

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