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Several wrestlers preparing to leave WWE in the next few months



Earlier this week in an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, it was suggested by Dave Meltzer for Chad Gable to leave WWE so he could rebuild himself on the independent scene and then get signed by WWE again in a few years.

I don't know anything about Gable's plans but there are wrestlers on the main roster looking at their options. The feeling is that mass releases are coming sooner than later because the roster is so bloated. There are more names moving into NXT in the next few months which means some NXT wrestlers will be moving up to a crowded main roster. Also, everyone knows that WWE is going to make a play for Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega.

A WWE source told us, "people feel like the women are safe for the most part because they are still building that roster. But some of the guys know that they could be on the chopping block and they are looking at the lay of the land to and figuring out their strategy for their exit."

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Cody Rhodes was able to leave WWE and increase his value and he is now one of the hottest non-WWE stars out there. If The Bucks, Rhodes, and Omega get signed then that could more open doors in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor. "Guys used to be scared to leave because they didn't know what was out there. Now they are looking at Japan and ROH and even Impact as places where they can land and still make good money," our source said. "All I can tell you that a few guys are looking at options and there's one guy looking at going to Hollywood. They are not as scared as they used to be because they know that it is possible to make good money outside of WWE. That was not the thinking just a couple of years ago."

We were told that one of the guys has already created a YouTube account and alternate social media accounts for his YouTube show that will launch if he gets released. "Being The Elite" on YouTube has been an eye opener and people know that aside from great matches and having a good gimmick, standing out on social media is one of the keys to creating a buzz on the independent scene these days.

Several months ago, we were told if they did mass releases this year then it would happen after the Fox Sports/NBCUniversal deal was announced because they didn't want any negative news out before the deal was done. If that is the case, then releases could be coming soon.