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Several WWE Divas contradict Stephanie McMahon’s denial of the Total Divas “rule”

As noted yesterday, Stephanie McMahon denied that there was a rule in WWE that the women on Total Divas would not be allowed to win the Divas title. She denied this despite Cameron talking about it in a recent Talk Is Jericho podcast. Also, it has been something that a lot of the women have said privately for months but considered it off the record because it’s not something the company wanted to get out. Since the word got out then it was considered off the record. Nikki Bella was also asked if it was true and she confirmed that it was indeed true.

Natalya was asked this past week in an interview. She wouldn’t confirm it but basically said that you know how WWE rules are and if something is a rule then they can change it at any time anyway. The rule was a doctrine from Vince McMahon. The reason for it is because of how the show is taped and letting one of the Total Divas women get the title would conflict with current storylines. Vince could always change his mind but right now that rule is what creative is going with.

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