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Several WWE Superstars released due to budget cuts



WWE has just announced the release of several wrestlers. It is expected that more releases are coming.

Here are the names that have been released so far:

"WWE has come to terms on the release of Drake Maverick (James Curtin), Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers), Karl Anderson (Chad Allegra), EC3 (Michael Hutter) and Lio Rush (Lionel Green). We wish them all the best in their future endeavors."

As noted earlier, WWE announced in a conference call that there would be budget cuts coming across all departments in the company.

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We will post updates as we hear more about the next set of budget/talent cuts.


Here is the updated list of Superstars/producers who have been released today (some employees have been told that they will be furloughed):

Drake Maverick
Curt Hawkins
Karl Anderson
Luke Gallows
Heath Slater
Eric Young
Lio Rush

Kurt Angle
Aiden English
Lance Storm
Shane Helms
Sarah Stock
Scott Armstrong
Billy Kidman
Dave "Fit" Finlay
Pat Buck
Shawn Daivari
Mike Rotunda