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Several WWE talent and staff test positive for COVID-19



The COVID-19 Omicron variant has hit sports leagues hard and positive cases around the United States are increasing.

WWE is not immune to this as reports that a number of talents and staff were feeling run down coming out of this past weekend and some have since tested positive for COVID-19. Others are feeling sick and waiting for their test results to come back.

This Friday’s episode of SmackDown was taped last week so it won’t be impacted, but WWE is slated to hold their post-Christmas house show tour starting this Sunday. With wrestlers testing positive for the virus, it could have an impact on these upcoming shows.

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The report added that there are no plans to cancel any events in the United States. It’s unclear how widespread the issues currently are, but those who have tested positive will have to quarantine.

WWE’s house shows in Toronto, Ontario, and Laval, Quebec in Canada next week are up in the air due to the province shutting things down due to the outbreak. While the Laval event is still listed to take place, tickets are no longer available to be purchased.

Stamford, CT recently reinstated an indoor mask mandate so employees at WWE headquarters are required to wear masks while indoors.