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Sexy Star in talks to join MMA promotion

VIDEO: Lucha Underground 2/25/15: A conversation with Dario Cueto and Sexy Star

Alberto El Patron has his hands on many different projects including Combate Americas and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Alberto El Patron mentioned some interesting plans he might be working on.

Patron said that Combate Americas are in talks to bring in Sexy Star and he said she wants to come in. She's competed in wrestling and boxing in the past and wants to do MMA next. Apparently, they're looking to sign her as well.

To be honest, Sexy Star's talents might be better served in an MMA environment seeing how she keeps shooting on people during her pro wrestling matches. In an MMA environment not only would her opponents be prepared for a legit fight, but she might have some more viable competitors to take her on if she wants to throw shoot shots and lock people in real submission holds.

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