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Vince McMahon once wrestled under a mask at a WWE house show

Sgt Slaughter Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon finally wrestled a match in 1998 during his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin but not too many people know that he wanted to start his career in the business as a wrestler but his father wouldn't let him.

WWE Hall Of Famer shared a couple of stories about the WWE CEO recently in an exclusive for

"I've got a lot of Vince McMahon stories but I can't tell them," Slaughter said. "He was never able to become a wrestler because his father wanted him to be behind the microphone so he could control things a little bit better."

"One night we were driving in the car together and [Vince said] 'one thing I really miss Sarge is getting in the ring.' I said 'you want to get in the ring? Go put a mask on.'"

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"It wasn't the funnest time in my life but we got it done."

McMahon is also known for some odd quirks, including his dislike for sneezing and smoking. "He hates sneezing and he hates smoke," Slaughter said.

Slaughter also talked about one time when he used a cigar during a promo. McMahon went to say something to him and Slaughter ribbed him about his 200 dollar haircut and then blew smoke in his face. Slaughter had no idea that McMahon hated smoke.

Slaughter tells the story in the video below: