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Shane Helms on WWE’s portrayal of WCW, his favorite match in WWE, and the WWE cruiserweight division

Former WWE star Shane Helms, recently took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. Here are the highlights.

On WWE’s portrayal of WCW:

“It was a bit stressful but I had friends there, so I was cool. WWE loves to rub in that they won they Monday Night Wars, and they have every right to, cuz they did.”

On when he got a call from WWE after WCW closed:

“I got called the very next week.”

On his favorite match in WWE:

“Me and Lance Storm vs Hardy’s for WCW Tag Titles at No Way Out.”

On changes he would have made to the WWE cruiserweight division when he was champion:

“I woulda brought in more guys. I ran through the division. I needed more bodies to work with and I needed the guys that I was working with to step up and try new stuff. I tried to get guys like Austin Aries and a few others hired, but they only wanted to use developmental guys, none of which I knew, that I recall.”

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