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Shane Helms praises Vince McMahon, why The Hurricane gimmick worked, his favorite run as champion



"Hurricane" Shane Helms joined The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling as their guest this week.

The 2X WWE World Tag Team Champion, WCW & WWE Cruiserweight Champion, WCW & WWE Hardcore Champion talked about the creation of the Hurricane character, Vince McMahon comparing it to the Ultimate Warrior, his feud with The Rock, winning the WWE Tag Team Title, his run in WCW, WWE, OMEGA and much more.

Hurricane Helms was asked if Vince McMahon treats the agents differently than the talent: “I think the way he handles talent is a little different than the way he handles the producers and what he expects from them is different. As a talent, he wants you to stand up for yourself. He is looking for leaders in that aspect. Being an agent, you are more of a yes man to a degree. Sometimes I may have been too vocal about things. It’s a learning process. But, as far as Vince goes, Vince to me has always been straight up. I’ve never got sideways with him. Even since I got furloughed, I had a couple of text conversations with him. He’s the boss. Like any job, when the work is going good, the boss is happy and you are happy. When the job isn’t going good and the boss is upset, that could make that relationship a little stressful. It just depends on how the work goes. Anytime somebody is saying something bad about Vince is because they either got fired or they didn’t like their experience there. If they had a great time there, they would speak great of him.”

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Helms tells us the reason why he felt the Hurricane gimmick worked: “I won the European title in my debut as the Hurricane. Nobody understands what I went through when I put that outfit on for the first time. I was walking down that hall and I could see all the guys looking at me and some of them were like, WTF is this guy doing? That was a lonely night. But, I went out and everything kind of worked and over the weeks the fans took to it more and more. They took to it because they knew I was committed. That was the key. I knew that from 3 Count. 3 Count worked because I was committed to me singing and dancing. I didn’t want anybody to think I was laughing at the gimmick. When I was in 3 Count, I was committed to it. I was dancing my ass off and trying to sing. I can’t sing. I can dance a little bit. I had to believe in the gimmick to make the gimmicks work.”

Helms was asked if winning titles mean anything to him: “Of course, the European title was a title to help the audience realize the company was behind me. There are some titles you work for and when you do get them it is an accomplishment because there is a competition. The competition is backstage and I think that’s where the championships meant the most. We really did our business a disservice by flipping the titles around as much as they have sometimes. My favorite championship I ever one was with me and Rosey because I don’t think it was ever in the plans for us to be the tag team champions. We worked so hard. I got him out of that S.H.I.T. costume. Me and an artist designed the new outfit for him with the big R. We worked hard to come up with all these new moves. We got over and we were killing it on house shows. We were doing good merchandise. When they finally did put them on us, we came to the back and the whole locker room was there waiting for us. There are moments when you do win those championships and they do mean something.”

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