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Shane McMahon injured at WWE Survivor Series

WWE Network

WWE Network

Shane McMahon appeared to have been injured during the Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Live match at Survivor Series. McMahon went for a coast-to-coast dropkick on Roman Reigns off the top rope but Reigns caught him with a nasty looking spear. McMahon landed hard and appeared to have been hurt pretty bad.

The referee immediately signaled for the doctors to come out and ring announcer JoJo announced that McMahon had been eliminated even though he was not pinned. Off camera, McMahon was helped to the back and held up his fist to signal to the crowd that he would be ok. Randy Orton walked over to McMahon's wife and son at ringside and assured them that he would be ok.

Hopefully, it's nothing too serious but it's always a good sign when you are able to walk out of the ring, albeit with help from trainers and doctors.

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