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During a recent audio show, Wade Keller discussed the changes expected in WWE after Vince McMahon's retirement.

Keller said that while changes are expected and fans will notice Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan's fingerprints, don't expect to see the show gutted. Vince is still the majority stockholder and he's not someone you'd want to upset because he still holds some power. Keller reiterated that Stephanie does have her own ideas for the product and fans should not expect to see Shane McMahon back in the company because he and Stephanie are not on the best of terms.

Keller said, "I'm told Stephanie definitely has ideas. This is a job she has coveted since she was barely a teenager, maybe a preteen. I've told the story quite a bit over the years [about] Stephanie, and Jerry Jarrett told me the story on record that he was having dinner with the McMahon's and either he or someone at the table said, 'Shane, you know, someday you're going to be running the company like your dad.' And Stephanie was years younger than Shane, established her Alpha attitude. She jumped in and said, 'Uh uh, daddy's little girl is going to be the one running the show someday not Shane.' That rivalry has been there. The divide between those two, I'm told, is still there. And there is no reconciliation or power sibling team expected."

Keller compared Shane and Stephanie to "Succession." He said, "It's like, you know, the siblings hang out, they yell, they battle and they double cross each other, but they hang out. And they talk. And the impression I'm getting is that's not happening with Shane and Stephanie. So, by the way, don't expect Shane to enter the picture here unless he just, you know, goes rogue and just shows up at a show..."

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Shane hasn't been seen in WWE since being sent home by his father after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January.

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