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Shaul Guerrero tells how she met husband Aiden English

Former WWE NXT star Shaul Guerrero was recently a guest on the “Women’s Wrestling Weekly” show to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

The daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero discussed possibly going back to WWE, told how she met her husband and SmackDown Live star Aiden English, announcing for Women of Wrestling, and debuting for Lucha Underground. You can check out the highlights from the interview below.

If you’d like to watch Guerrero’s interview, check it out in the video player below:

Possibly going back to WWE:

“You know what, when it comes to WWE … I always get the question on social media a lot, where’s it like, ‘Why don’t you come back?’ And it’s not really my decision if I want to come back, it’s theirs. You know and of course, I would love it if WWE saw all my stuff with WOW and saw all my stuff with Lucha and saw all my stuff; my potential to manage and announce and do anything I can. WWE will always be my family. My dad and mom were with them than they were with us.

“So, that is definitely home, it always will be and I appreciate them for everything they did for me and for my husband. So, I’m not going to say no.”

Meeting her husband Aiden English:

“We met when I first was at FCW and I was there before him. And I thought I was hot s—. You know, I was FCW champion, queen of FCW and he showed up and he was the opposite of what a wrestler would look like.

“You know, my husband build is different, he is this pale Irish kid, he plays music, this theater geek and when he first came in; I was like “Eww, who’s the pale kid.’ When I came back to WWE after I went to rehab, he was this confident man and he was so nice, we lived in the same apartment complex, and he was always offering to help me with anything I needed.

“He was like, ‘Do you need a ride, do you need anything?’ That blossomed into flirting and then the moment we went on our first date, we just haven’t stopped being with each other and the rest is history.”

Announcing for Women Of Wrestling (WOW):

“[David McLane] just so happened to be at Lucha Underground taping that I happened to be at. I was only there for two days.

“Lucha Underground tapes for a long time and our paths happened to cross and when he heard me announce; he didn’t see me he just heard me and was like who is that person and I need her to announce for WOW. And then he found out, ‘Oh, I’m a Guerrero.’ And everything fell into place.”

Debuting for Lucha Underground:

“I’ve always had an eye on Lucha Underground, especially since I left WWE, but honestly I had an agent and he hooked me up with Chris DeJoseph and he was fantastic. And he knew my mom because he was a writer for WWE for a while. He was like, ‘Yeah, we wanted you on the show for a long time, but we didn’t know you were interested.

“And I’m over here like, ‘Yeah dude, let’s do this’ and it was that simple. And of course, I have [Chavo] there and I knew a lot of people there already, it was very much a homecoming and it was a wonderful atmosphere. I can’t believe it finally aired. I was waiting every single week watching and waiting for the bomb to drop and it’s been fantastic.”

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