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Shawn Michaels clarifies statements concerning possible in-ring return

In what could be one of the biggest deals for a lot of pro wrestling fans, Shawn Michaels might have softened his previous position on never making an in-ring return. After all, the WWE Hall Of Famer is retired and currently working as a Coach in the WWE Performance Center and he’s said plenty of times that he’s too old for competition many times at this point in life.

But when HBK opened up a slight possibility of being interested in doing something in the ring, the internet blew up. Plenty of people were very excited at the possibility of finally seeing some incredible dream matches come to life. In fact, most fans would be happy just to see Michaels return for some kind of a program even if it resulted in a tag match because at least it would mean The Showstopper would be around on television leading to the match.

“I don’t know I say all sorts of silly stuff I have absolutely no idea why I say the things I do,” The Heartbreak Kid said when he was asked during the WWE For Your Consideration event exactly what he meant when he picked guys like Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Johnny Gargano as people he would like to face.

“Those are unbelievably talented young men” HBK continued. “I don’t know, I’m fans of theirs, I appreciate their style, and I don’t know I guess for so many years I was always fortunate to be able to bring the best out of other people and I see those guys doing that with other talent and I guess if you have the ability to put two people with the ability to do that together and something very special could come out of it.”

Shawn Michaels said in his prime he would have loved to lock up with guys like Styles, Bryan, and Gargano. While he’s flattered the fans are so excited about the idea of him making an in-ring return it seems like he’s just happy having a hand in helping groom talents to go forward and forge their path in pro wrestling.

“As much as it would be enjoyable to do that I’m more excited about watching these guys take WWE into the future,” Shawn said while referencing a possible in-ring return.

This might dash the hopes for some people who were ready to see an HBK return ASAP, but you can still never say never in pro wrestling because sometimes all you need is a will and they’ll find a way. The only question is when it really comes down to it whether or not Shawn Michaels is really willing to lace up his boots once again.

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