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Shawn Michaels has no plans to wrestle at WrestleMania



Shawn Michaels' return to the ring at Crown Jewel was his last match.

Michaels has been adamant for years about not wanting to wrestle again but he softened his stance a little bit with one stipulation...he would only wrestle in a tag team match that involved his friends because he didn't think he could keep up with someone like Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles.

Michaels got his wish at Crown Jewel but he insists that he is hanging up the boots for good.

"Negative," Michaels said when Edge asked if he would wrestle again.

"So technically, yeah, I could go in there, do my stuff, and have a young guy to work around me and all of that. The 100% only reason I said yes to this one was it was a special request by other people and I looked at it as somebody is asking The Stones and Kiss to come over and just play their greatest hits."

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Michaels said that technically he would make more money doing a singles match at WrestleMania because he would charge more. He also said that he wasn't put in the position to be "that guy" at Crown Jewel...aka the old Showstopper version of HBK. Michaels felt like this was a special thing separate from his retirement match from 8 years ago. Michaels also said there was not anxiety because he got to work with his friends. He described as WrestleMania as slightly "less fun" because of the anxiety that goes into that show.

He added, "everything else about working with a younger guy and it being WrestleMania puts me in a much tougher and more difficult situation performance-wise and I have not wanted to be put in that position because I am good with the performances I had at WrestleMania."

Michaels also talked about Triple H's injury. He said this is the second time Hunter has been injured during a tag team match. The first time it was a quad injury and Edge was also in the match. Michaels said that Hunter insisted on getting through the match.

Michaels also said that he never practiced or did any warming up before the match at Crown Jewel which makes his performance even more incredible at age 53.

He also revealed that he shaved his head for a movie role.

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