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Shawn Michaels reflects on fan criticism to Crown Jewel match in 2018

Shawn Michaels spoke with ESPN for a new interview to look back on his iconic WWE moments with The Undertaker.

In the interview, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed the criticism from fans over his final match.

Kane and The Undertaker lost to Triple H and Michaels in a tag team match at the WWE Crown Jewel special in 2018 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the King Saud University Stadium.

This contest came years after Michaels retired in 2010 from pro wrestling. After this match, Michaels went right back into retirement.

“It sucked from the standpoint of Hunter getting hurt, of it not going well, of it not being received well. All of the negatives that were there. When we were in there, you knew the wheels were falling off.

None of it bothered me. I went into the whole thing looking at it very selfishly, I guess. For me, it was more about being out there with those guys, and me being there with Hunter, which was something I didn’t get to do near the end.”

Michaels continued by noting how he collectively got to experience a match with a number of guys that were very significant and very special to him on a personal level in a certain kind of way.

HBK stated that he has the unique ability where that stuff didn’t bother him but rather he was hurt for the rest of the guys. He noted how he doesn’t mean that in a belittling way but rather he figured all of them were going to do another one anyway. He added that it wasn’t finality for them but rather it was for him.

“I look at that match as it stands on its island, alone. I don’t associate it with anything regarding the career of Shawn Michaels. I’m able to compartmentalize that.”

Michaels also talked about their two WrestleMania matches and more. You can check out the full interview here. 


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