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Shawn Michaels reveals what he and Triple H's relationship is like today



It's no secret that over the decades they've been working together, former WWE Champions Triple H and Shawn Michaels have become best friends. The pair are part of one of the greatest factions in professional wrestling history in D-Generation X. They've won several Tag Team Championships together, and have put on some great matches against each other inside the ring as well.

Today, "The Game" has risen within WWE to become one of the company's most powerful executives. He's currently the lead man calling the shots in NXT, while Michaels is also backstage helping write shows, produce matches, and advising young talent.

Recently, Michaels spoke to ESPN to discuss what his relationship with Triple H is like today, making the shift from being talents themselves, to those who help coordinate and write the shows:

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"It's great. For he and I, other than the fact that he's in a suit all the time... it's very much the same relationship we had all those years on the road, that we sort of did in the car. Now we get to do it, in some form, in a much bigger, corporate setting. It's honestly still the same guys, sitting around and driving up and down the road -- that's what we do.

"It's just that now, somebody is actually driving us, because he doesn't actually drive himself anymore. We're sitting in the back, throwing out ideas, writing shows, coming up with creative things of that nature. Look, you cannot beat it -- honestly. I get paid to hang out with my buddy, and it is extremely tough to complain about that.

"I still have absolutely no idea how I've stumbled into the unbelievably blessed life that I have, but I try not think about it too much, for fear I might wake up one day."