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Shawn Michaels shares what The Undertaker told him after Montreal Screwjob

Inside The Ropes released this clip of Shawn Michaels talking about the famous Montreal Screwjob incident, which has been well documented.

Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart, who was leaving the company to join WCW, in the main event of the Survivor Series pay-per-view event in 1997 where Michaels won the WWE Title.

Michaels has spoken about this incident on many occasions, but the point of the question here was one aspect that he rarely talks about. Michaels recalled only caring about what The Undertaker thought of the situation as he was the locker room leader. Michaels knew that if Taker was okay with everything then the rest of the wrestlers would eventually be okay with it as well.

Michaels recalled going to the arena the next night for Raw and wanting to know where Taker was so he could talk to him.

“As far as what everybody thought, hand to God, I didn’t care. I asked about one dude. I went in, I said, ‘Where’s ‘Taker? Where’s Mark? ‘ They said he’s in there with Vince, and I said alright.”

Michaels talked about how he and Taker were the longest-tenured guys in WWE at that point so he was the most important person to talk with aside from McMahon.

“That’s the only person I went, ‘I just need to know where he’s at on this.’ I just need to know where he’s at because if there’s somebody you gotta sit there and have a chat with, it’s gonna be him. For all this to move forward, he and I are gonna have to find a way to..get simpatico on this. So clearly Vince knew the same thing.

That’s why he was the first guy he talked to the next day. To this day, because it’s one of those things where so much has passed and we’ve never even discussed it. I’ve never asked him, ‘What’d he tell you in there?’ But I remember waiting on him, he came out, he walked up to me and he goes, ‘We’re cool.’ I’m like alright.” That was the only thing Taker told him about the incident.

Michaels would then talk about how he didn’t like himself during this time and he never intended to be the most hated guy in pro wrestling.



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