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WWE made a change to NXT presentation after suggestion from Shawn Michaels wife

Fans have noticed in recent months that there are more chaotic moments on WWE NXT TV and the time for ring entrances has been reduced.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that one of the reasons that ring entrances have been cut back is due to NXT Producer Shawn Michaels suggesting that long ring entrances gave the viewers more time to check out AEW Dynamite.

The story going around WWE is that Shawn’s wife, Rebecca, was watching the show and told him she thought the ring entrances were too long.

She thought it gave people too much time to switch stations. Thus, he brought the idea to Triple H, who went with it.

While head-to-head competition with Dynamite is no longer an issue, WWE has stayed with the idea in order to get more time for in-ring action and angles.

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