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Shawne Merriman has beef with CM Punk, says he’d “demolish” him in a fight

“I would do a lot of things to him. I wouldn’t just want to just beat him. I’d want to demolish him for the whole entire fight. I wouldn’t want to pin him, wouldn’t want to knock him out. I would just want to make him feel pain. I’m going for the kill shot every single time. I don’t want to knock him out, I just want to make him feel punishment and pain the entire round.”

He added that there is he has bad history with CM Punk and talked about seeing Eve Torres one time at the hotel and then says that Punk said that he got dissed by one of the Divas (Eve). He said, “He’s obviously not that tough. For him to talk the way he did and for him to go into the UFC I think it’s a complete joke. I would love to have my shot at him one day.”

Here are Punk’s tweets from 2011 on Merriman:

Punk said this in 2012 when he was asked about “twitter wars” with Merriman and Chris Brown:

“They’re not Twitter wars. They’re not. The Merriman thing isn’t even anything. That dates back a couple of years now. We were in Costa Rica, there was a bunch of us lounging around a pool. I think it was me and Ted DiBiase, we were watching this goof run back and forth. He would literally go into the little poolside gym, do some bicep curls and then walk around us, hoping that some of the Divas would notice. A couple of the girls got up to leave to go get ready for the show and some big fat white guy came out of nowhere and I saw him handing out business cards to the girls.”

Here is the video from today of Merriman talking about Punk:

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