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Shayna Baszler comments on WWE fans booing Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series



During last night's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey's match ended in a disqualification. In the midst of a very competitive back-and-forth contest, Flair decided to bust out a kendo stick and begun to beat Rousey down with it. She then put a steel chair on Rousey's neck before stomping on it.

After the ordeal, the fans in Los Angeles' Staples Center were actually cheering. When Rousey got back up and begun to walk back to the backstage area, fans booed her and even changed "You Deserve It." This comes after Rousey has been cheered by fans for the first several months of her WWE career. It's odd how the crowd started to turn on Rousey, especially after how they've been booing Flair for the past few months.

With that being said, Rousey's friend and NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler took to Twitter to comment on the matter. Here's what she had to say:

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"Fans are fickle. Always have been, always will be."

"If there’s one thing we all learned from MMA: fans are fickle. Eff them."

"Sure, WWE fans are fickle. But trust me when I say this, UFC fans are worse. We came into this used to fickle."