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Sheamus credits Dustin Rhodes for fast-tracking him from ECW to WWE Raw in 2009



Sheamus was on Corey Graves' "After The Bell" podcast this week. Sheamus covered a bunch of topics including his return from injury, his early days in WWE and more.

Here are some highlights:

Sheamus said Goldust fast-tracked him from ECW to RAW: “The one guy I loved working with more than anybody, and the one guy who was the reason I was fast-tracked from ECW to RAW was Goldust. We had this feud on ECW and we had chemistry right away. He was open to anything. It was awesome. The last match we had in the feud was the main event of ECW. After a couple weeks, everybody was into it. It was a hard-hitting fight, but it was fun. Inside the ring, he fast-tracked me getting into RAW and then getting into a program with John. I think John and Randy finished their program. They were working for a long time. They needed new opponents for Randy and John. Randy went with Kofi and I went with John. I think it was John who talked to Goldust. I didn’t find that out until afterwards. We had a match on the European tour. He was happy on how everything went. John gave them the green light. A lot of people don’t realize it was John’s call to do that feud. He really helped me in that situation.”

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Sheamus opinion on wrestler’s roles: “I think there are moments in time where you have to push back on certain things. Tony (Cesaro) and I were getting beat so much that it was like the end of the road for The Bar. We kind of ran out of road. We hit a cul de sac. It comes to a point where the body of what you are doing diminishes if you are losing all the time. You lose that credibility no matter how strong you are or how legit we are. There came a point where we were consistently losing. That’s when it’s time to take a break from The Bar, We created an amazing legacy, 5 tag team championships. We had some amazing matches, some of the best and funnest matches we ever had. If you just keep getting beat all the time, you’re credibility is going to shi*. That’s when it comes to a point where you have to take a stand and say this is too much. If we are losing to Brawn and a kid at Mania, a one-off thing, that’s a completely different situation and you have to realize you are a character in a show. But, if something is happening consistently one after the other, and you can see and feel the reaction to your team or what you are doing is going down because that is now how you are being perceived by the fans, you need to step in and say, look, this is not cool for our character. Our character is losing a lot of momentum and losing a lot of credibility. That’s a moment to step in and do that. To lose a match here or there, in a situation like that, that’s an entertaining segment for the people watching. You have to realize you’re not actually losing. It’s entertainment, it’s a match, it’s a show. That’s where you have to separate both of those things.”

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