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Sheamus on Nancy Grace: “It’s garbage. Her show is garbage”

Thanks to Patrick for sending this in.

Sheamus stopped by CBS Sports 920 & in St. Louis.

Here are the audio highlights:

Locker room resentment from being WWE champion after five months on TV: “I really didn’t give a damn. I wasn’t a kid. I wasn’t there to make friends I was there to be successful.”

WWE now compared to his debut: “I think the locker room is a lot better. There’s a lot more willingness to help everybody.”

Road Stories: “Riding with Daniel Bryan, when he was doing the vegan thing, and William Regal was the worst ever. I’m not joking.”

Working for Vince McMahon: “Vince is really quiet. You’ll see him backstage and he’s quiet. He’s really focused on what he’s doing. He’s cool, always been cool with me I’ve never had a problem with him. Get along with him well and he’s a fair boss.”

Preferred whiskey: Tullamore Dew

On Jameson: “It’s not impostor (whiskey) I just think it’s overrated.”

Nancy Grace: “You know, I’ve never been a fan of Nancy Grace.  It’s not a talk show. It’s just her talking. I don’t even think she has a soul, to be honest with you. It’s garbage. Her show is garbage.”

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