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Sheamus update, Hall of Famer selling his ring, Boogeyman/WWE, JBL talks Lesnar

- There are 19 names announced for the Andre The Giant battle royal and the last one will be whoever wins the NXT tournament at AXXESS. I've heard that Sheamus may be returning on Raw instead of WrestleMania. I don't know if it's still the plan but they wanted to bring him back as a top heel. If they change their mind then perhaps they can just take someone out of the battle royal if they want to have him return there.

- WWE Abdullah The Butcher is selling his WWE Hall of Fame ring on Ebay and is asking for $19,999.

- WWE has applied for a new trademark for The Boogeyman. I would bet that it's for merchandising. Boogeyman is scheduled to be at AXXESS representing WWE.

- JBL offered is comments on Brock Lesnar's new WWE deal:

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