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Shelton Benjamin destroys Twitter troll

Shelton Benjamin is a veteran and that ability in and out of the ring is constantly on display. He recently split off from another WWE tag team and is having a go in the singles division. Only time will tell if he gets the recognition he deserves because at this point in his career Shelton Benjamin could be utilized in any number of areas.

But no matter how many times Shelton produces in the ring there are always going to be haters slinging shade in his general direction. As it turns out he became a pro at not only entertaining crowds all over the world be he’s also acquired quite a knack of dispatching with online trolls.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion recently had a troll point out to him that he never won a WWE Championship and that didn’t sit too well with Shelty.

The Gold Standard replied saying: “and your apparently never held a baby the wanted to keep.” This was not only an amazing dig but it also might have had some unintended targets if this troll has any siblings.

But still, this is just another great example of how Shelton Benjamin isn’t anyone you want to mess with because he can hit Pay Dirt no matter where he is.

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