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Shinsuke Nakamura: I’d like to fight John Cena at WrestleMania



Newly crowned WWE NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard about various topics. As seen at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, Nakamura defeated Samoa Joe to win the NXT Title, and Nakamura explained in this interview that he knew what kind of style of a match they were going to have at the event going into it.

“Joe is special. He is a real wrestler. He knows the real techniques of how to beat an opponent. He uses an MMA technique, so it’s real fighting. Also, I know that technique, so that’s what we show in the ring when we wrestle.”

When asked what he needs to improve on to make it to the main roster, the always entertaining Nakamura said that he needs to work on his English.

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“I need to study English more. I’ll start by watching Sesame Street every day. Wrestling has its own culture, every culture, Japan, Samoan, Indian, Korean, has wrestling and wrestling is a worldwide mix.”

Nakamura stated that his goal in WWE is to wrestle John Cena at an upcoming WrestleMania.

“I’d like to fight at WrestleMania. John Cena, that’s a great choice.”

Nakamura also talked about Kenny Omega and more. The full interview is available at this link.