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Shinsuke Nakamura spotted at Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Fan Festival



Do you remember that tag team called the Highlanders in WWE around 2006-2008? They had a viking gimmick and actually possessed some talent. But in March 2008 one of the Highlanders attended an Impact Wrestling television taping at Universal Studios and a few short months later they were released from WWE.

Many people backstage including Bruce Prichard have commented about this faux pas of appearing at an Impact Wrestling show being the final nail in the Highlander's over sized coffin. Of course, Robbie McAllister was actually shown on the screen and his real name was plastered below him to promote the fact he was there.

Well you can add another WWE employee showing up at an Impact Wrestling related event to the list as Shinsuke Nakamura was spotted at the Impact Wrestling Fan Festival. To be fair, Nakamura lives in Florida and was probably just visiting some old friends, but this wasn't the best move for the King Of Strong Style.

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As you can see from the photo below this was most likely a totally innocent incident. Nakamura seems happy to be taking a picture with his old friends Naomichi Marufuji, Taiji Ishimori and Scott D’Amore. But the traditional wrestling side of things might not be too happy with this.

Odds are nothing bad is going to happen to Nakamura because of this. If anything he might be one of those Superstars who is allowed to do whatever he wants. He might have that kind of immunity being one of the biggest international names on the roster.

But we can't help but cringe a little bit when thinking about how this kind of thing might snowball if left unchecked.

We won't even propose a worst-case scenario in this instance because we don't want to even imply there will be any ramifications for Nakamura. After all, he is a very high commodity and a treasured name in pro wrestling. But it's still interesting to say the least to see Nakamura show up at an Impact event like this.