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Armando Montalvo still alive after being shot at the WWE Performance Center

Update 4x: Armando Montalvo remains in critical condition as of Tuesday morning. Also, Stephen Wahl, the officer that shot Montalvo, has been assigned to non-law enforcement duties for the next week.

Update 3: According to documents obtained by TMZ, WWE had gotten a restraining order against Montalvo in early August after several violent run-ins at the Performance Center. WWE says that Montalvo spread feces and urine on the building earlier in the summer and he even posted video of himself mixing the human waste in a bucket with reduced fat milk. Montalvo is also alleged to have showed up at the Performance Center wearing a wrestling outfit. He was alleged to have banged on windows and threaten to “kick everyone’s ass” because WWE wouldn’t hire him. During one incident he is alleged to have been swinging a large chain and police had to subdue him at gunpoint.

Update 2: The man who charged police was Armando Montalvo. Down below is footage (that was posted online 5 days prior to the incident on Monday) of him talking about WWE and claiming he was going to ask for a job. The video below appears to have been shot in front of WWE headquarters in Stanford, CT.

Update: The Orange County Sheriff’s Department held a media conference to address the incident. According to Sheriff Demings, a 29 year Hispanic male who had been showing up continuously over the last month or so as he had been “fixated” on a female WWE performer. Prior to the incident, WWE had been having a police presence at the facility but did not today. The man was just arrested on August 24th.

WWE told police that the individual was back causing problems again today as he was acting deranged and was observed holding what appeared to be a knife. Cops were called, two plain-clothes detectives responded to the scene. The suspect charged one of the detectives, Officer Steve Wahl, and assaulted him after being given instructions to stop.  The deputy backed up 75-100 feet and the suspect followed.  

This is when the man was shot once. The incident took place in the parking lot outside of the Performance Center.

Now, the suspect is currently in surgery with “life-threatening” injuries. His official status is critical but stable. The police are still processing the crime scene. The female star that the man was interested in was not at the Performance Center today. The Sheriff said he reviewed some of the video footage from “the facility”. The suspect was not involved with WWE and had no relationship with anyone who trains at the Performance Center.

Also, WWE had taken out an injunction to prevent him from coming onto their property but he had not been served with it at the time of the incident.

Original: NBC affiliate WESH based out of Orlando, Florida is reporting that medics were called to the scene at 5055 Forsyth Commerce Road, which is the address for the WWE Performance Center today at 1:45 p.m. A man was shot by a gunman. 

The report goes onto say that patient was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for a gunshot wound.

According to Orlando-based news reporter Shannon Butler, a witness told her that the male shooter was arrested at the Performance Center just last week.

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