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Chad Gable quits, says he is no longer 'Shorty G'



This week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, "Shorty G" Chad Gable took on "The Freak" Lars Sullivan.

Before the match, Gable noted that he hasn't been getting respect and he was never drafted to Raw or SmackDown. The match with Sullivan was basically a squash with Sullivan winning in just a couple of minutes.

After the match, Gable said that he quits. Nothing else was said. We reported several weeks ago that there was talk about Shorty G to drop the gimmick and going back to calling himself Chad Gable.

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It's not clear if that is still the plan but there have been people backstage pushing for creative to do more with Gable.

UPDATE: After the commercial break, Gable told Adam Pearce that he no longer wants to be called "Shorty G."