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WWE SmackDown star Shotzi has deleted her Twitter account, apparently a reaction to the negative tweets directed at her after the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

Shotzi had fans calling for her to be fired for botching some spots in the women's Money In The Bank match.

She addressed the criticism in a tweet on Monday:

"There are 3 things I care about at the end of a match. Is everyone safe? Did everyone have fun? Did the crowd react? Nobody got hurt. We all had a blast and the Vegas crowd was HotHotHot! I felt on top of the world after that match and was so excited to finally have my first hardcore match in over a year. I wouldn't have done anything I didn't practice or thought I couldn't do safely.

But I'm not a wrestle robot, I'm human and slips happen especially in a CHAOTIC UNPREDICTABLE ladder match! I can take a joke and laugh at myself (One of the first things I said was "I can't wait to see that spot on botchamania") but comments like "you should be fired" and other terrible things admittedly hit hard. I had to have a few friends wipe the tears off my face and slap some sense into me and remind me WHO THE F I AM! That being said, all my haters can SUCK MY BIG GIANT HAIRY MANGOS!”

Since her tweet, her Twitter account was deleted/deactivated. Her Instagram account is still online bu thte last post on there is from last October.

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While there is support for Shotzi backstage, it appears that some of the online trolls have affected her and she's decided to take a sabbatical from social media.