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Sid receives some major ribbing for missing indie show while blaming Donald Trump

Sid Donald Trump

We previously reported that Sid Vicious had to cancel an indie event because he claimed Donald Trump's current travel ban wouldn't allow him to travel from state-to-state within the United States because he had an unpaid speeding ticket.

But it turns out that the ribbing on Sid at the AIW was a running theme throughout the entire night. Swoggle actually filled in and picked up the AIW Tag Team Championships in the process and Ethan Carter III had some fun at Sid's expense as well.

Now only did Swoggle agree to sign autographs as Sid, but EC3 sported a full Sid get-up for his match and meet and greet. You can see a picture of EC3's awesome attire below. It's pretty remarkable how he was able to find a leather vest in a pinch to make it work. But Carter's blonde afro wig is what really pulled it all together.

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