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Sid Vicious did not no-show WWE Raw Reunion

Sid Vicious

There are some rumors going around on social media claiming that former WWE Champion Sid Vicious no-showed the Raw Reunion show on Monday night.

Actually, although WWE was still advertising him to be there, the company had known for several days that he would not be appearing on the show so this should put any rumors to rest that he just no-showed at the last minute. Sid has a reputation for no-showing promoters in the past, which is why there was so much speculation last night.

Dave Meltzer mentioned Sid absence during Wrestling Observer Radio.

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Meltzer said, "Sid Vicious had actually pulled out several days ago but you know how this goes. They kept advertising him anyway," He added that Sid just decided not to go.

Sid joins Jim Ross, Bully Ray and Bret Hart on the list of wrestlers that declined WWE's invitation to appear at Raw Reunion. Considering how there was very little TV time given to most of the returning wrestlers, it looks like Sid made the right decision to stay home.