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Signs posted backstage at WWE SmackDown on the new leg slapping rule

As previously noted, there is an edict to wrestlers to stop doing leg slaps during their matches. Wrestlers who arrived at TV this week saw a sign that was posted at the Gorilla position regarding the leg slaps.

Dave Meltzer said the following on Wrestling Observer Radio about the new edict: “You know how Vince goes on these weird things and this is his weird one. Tonight [at SmackDown], just an example, right outside of the Gorilla position tonight and at Raw as well, there’s a little sign that says ‘do not slap leg when kicking.’ So that’s the instructions for the main roster. I don’t know that they’re gonna fine people but there is absolutely a warning.”

Leg slapping in matches has been frowned upon by some legends but this is something that has been done in matches for decades. Wrestlers would often slap their opponents back on a knee lift and it’s very common for wrestlers to stomp the ring when they would punch or kick someone. Randy Orton would slap his leg when he would punk kick someone and Drew McIntyre does it for the Claymore kick.

As of now, there appears to be no sign that Vince McMahon will back off from this edict.


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