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Simon Dean recalls the time Joey Styles knocked out JBL



Some of you have emailed us asking about the infamous Joey Styles-JBL story from an overseas trip. Its' been talked about before but for those of you that don't know the details of what happened, then keep reading. Mike Bucci (aka Simon Dean) was with WWE at the time and talked about what happened. Bucci said that there is a place for light-hearted ribs but sometimes it crosses a line especially when it leads to someone quitting.

Regarding the JBL-Styles story, it happened in 2008 on WWE trip to Iraq for Tribute to the Troops. Bucci said, "Bradshaw had been ribbing Joey [during] the whole trip." He said that Styles had enough and there was pushing while guys tried to hold them apart. He added,"Bradshaw got free somehow and he started lunging towards Joey and Joey got his arm out and knocked him on his ass. I dare say that Bradshaw's wrestling career was never the same after that." JBL retired just a few months after that incident due to a bad back.

Bucci praised JBL for his success away from WWE but "everything he did to so many people - he would drink and just terrorize people. It was horrible. I was just like, “What does he get out this?” There were overseas trips all night on the bus, yelling at people and treating them like shit because he would sleep all afternoon. In the daytime he could sleep on the bus because nobody could say anything [because] they were all afraid, but at night time he’s yelling at ‘em."

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You can listen to Bucci's stories on JBL in the video below: