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Sin Cara takes a shot at the original Sin Cara, WWE provides injury update

Sin Cara

As noted, Sin Cara worked a singles match with Big E during Monday’s episode of RAW from Brooklyn. During that match, he was pulled from the apron to the floor and suffered a dislocated shoulder.

After the match, Cara took a shot at Alvirde (the original Sin Cara, who has had a history of stopping his matches due to injury) by re-tweeting a fan comment seen here:

In case you missed the spot, check it out here:

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Sin Cara suffered a dislocated shoulder during his match with WWE Tag Team Champion Big E on the final Raw of 2015 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. According to WWE doctor Chris Robinson, who confirmed the injury, Sin Cara's shoulder was popped back in place, and he continued the match.