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Slick says Vince McMahon initially didn't want to hire him, he tried to go to WCW when his WWE run ended



The Doctor Of Style, Slick was the guest this week on the "80's Wrestling podcast." He was son to talk about his time in the professional wrestling business. Slick talked about working with names like Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Akeem, The Big Boss Man, Power and Glory, The Warlord and others.

Slick said Vince McMahon initially did not want to hire him:

“What happened was, Vince didn’t want me. So when he brought me in to interview me, he told me that he didn’t. He told me it was nothing personal. You know, I’m 6’4”. They liked their managers to be short. He let me know it wasn’t personal. He watched my work in Central States and he thought I was too tall, but because Butch Reed was so adamant that he wanted me and no one else, and that was impacted by the fact that Bruiser Brody also mentioned me when he wanted to come in. So I did the interview with Vince, and he was so impressed with it, that’s when he started to push me. That’s why they deflected to me on Piper’s Pit. It brought a lot of attention to me and gave me the opportunity to get out there and sell myself to the people, and I think I got over pretty well.”

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Slick said he tried to get into WCW after his WWF run:

“I have some vivid negative feelings about that and I’ll tell you why. I talked to Gene Okerlund a couple years before he passed, and he said, ‘You know Slick, we really wanted you. Nobody had your number. I was a part of the booking team. Your name came up several times.’ I’m like, ok, I would call Dusty’s office, and nobody ever gave me a return call. On top of that, they were using Gang (One Man Gang). Gang and I were just like brothers, so he had my number. I left it alone. Maybe that wasn’t God’s plan for me. WCW was the only place I tried to go because I was pretty much finished with the business when I left anyway.”

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