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Smackdown considered lame duck show, Stephanie and Ronda Rousey at the ESPYs, Flair podcast

If you are skipping Smackdown these days or finding yourself not caring as much for the show then there’s a reason why. The mentality right now is that Smackdown is a lame duck show until it moves to USA Network in January, according to the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter. This is why the show feels less important these days and the show is a placeholder until Raw airs on Monday. The plan is to put a heavier emphasis on the show when it moves to USA with angles on Raw that carry over to Smackdown and vice versa.

Ric Flair has JJ Dillon as his guest on this week’s “Wooooo Nation” podcast. If you haven’t checked out Flair’s podcast yet then I highly recommend it. He’s great. Dillon and Flair share stories from the 80s during their Four Horsemen days, Flair’s drinking, and much more. You can listen to it by clicking here or subscribe on iTunes.

Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey posed for a photo on the red carpet of the ESPYs on Wednesday night. Stephanie included the #WrestleMania hashtag in her tweet. Check out the photo below:

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