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Smackdown edits in Canada, Linda McMahon note, Raw viewership information

WWE is not referencing the Free month trial for the WWE Network in Canada on Smackdown because the price is higher there. References are edited off the Canadian airing of Smackdown but there's nothing they can do for Raw since the show is live.

Bloomberg magazine noted that Linda McMahon is one of the biggest low profile political donors. They noted that she's given $3 million to candidates in 2014 so far. Most of that money went to the Republican Governors Association.

The latest Wrestling Observer newsletter has a breakdown of Raw, Smackdown, and Total Divas TV viewers. The average viewers is 41.4 years old. The wrestling audience skews older than UFC and soccer but still younger than both of those sports. The audience is 63% male. 19% of their audience is under the age of 17. 22% between 18-34. 22% of the audience is between 35-49 and 37% is over 50 years old. There is a full breakdown over at in the latest newsletter.

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