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SmackDown Live could get an unprecedented heel turn soon

It looks like things could be changing on SmackDown Live. With Survivor Series on the horizon the Road The WrestleMania is just a pitstop away after refueling at The Royal Rumble and who knows where WWE is going to take us at that point?

It doesn’t seem like Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are on the same page whatsoever and this theory was made very evident when The Bearded GOAT approached Shane McMahon on SmackDown and talked about how SmackDown Live always has his support. But Daniel Bryan also said after Survivor Series, he and Shane need to have a conversation about “cohesion.”

He blamed McMahon for being chokeslammed by Kane into darkness when Bryan showed up on Raw. It was a short segment and he left it at “see you on Sunday.” It’s interesting to note that Daniel Bryan seemed to have exited the building before Raw’s big retribution as well.

So who knows what’s in the cards to SmackDown Live’s top authority figures? But one thing’s for sure, some changes seem to be on the way.

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