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SmackDown Live star receives big praise for online promo (updated)

Sometimes it takes a downfall before someone really jumpstarts their career into high gear. After all, through the most adversity brings the greatest warriors. It looks like Mojo Rawly’s recent turn into an angrier and more brutal version of himself has brought out a new side that isn’t so hyped.

He cut a scathing online promo on Zack Ryder that seemed almost like a shoot. There were some serious digs there and Rawley was really showing a dangerous side to himself.

It was quite impressive and another reason why it’s so great that the internet exists so pro wrestlers can do this type of thing.

Lance Storm and Mauro Ranallo noticed the promo and praised Mojo Rawley for his execution. Storm said in two minutes Mojo got more over than WWE could get him in two years and that’s saying something.

It was quite an excellent promo so congratulations to Mojo Rawley for a great promo and officially piquing our interest for a kickoff show match.


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