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Smackdown spoiler notes (Batista promo)

Thanks to John for sending these notes to us. I am not sure now what they're doing with Batista. Dave Meltzer said last night that they were going to try to keep him as a face so we'll see what happens. They are still selling CM Punk shirts at the shows. Below are the notes on Batista's promo from tonight's Smackdown taping...

Batista started out the show with mixed boos and cheers. Batista started off by saying "I love this business and company." He said he did not come back to be liked. A huge C.M. Punk chant broke out. He said you don't have to support him, but you gotta deal with it. He said it's a fact he can destroy anyone they put in front of him. A small Daniel Bryan chant started and died quickly.

Batista asked what the hell happened to this business, the real men, the attitude. A huge Yes! chant broke out. He said if the fans honestly think their heroes are as good as him they need to get out of their fantasy world and to get out of his. He said he would destroy each of our heroes on his way to WrestleMania where he will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion...

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