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Smackdown spoilers (airs 2/14/14)


For Main Event:

Wyatts b Los Matadores & Sin cara – Really good long match

Natalya b Aksana

Big E Langston b Drew McIntyre

After the match, Jinder Mahal challenged Langston.

Langston b Mahal very quickly

Begins with intro followed by pyro.


Daniel Bryan comes out first, followed by Christian and Sheamus. Then out comes The Shield it’s a six man tag.

Good exciting match, Ambrose gets the win over Christian due to Sheamus kicking Christian by accident instead of Ambrose.

Vickie promo with Zeb Colter.

Fatal four way between Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry is next.

Swagger gets the win via patriot lock over Kingston to become #1 contender against Big E who was on color commentary.

Eva Marie who is surprisingly over gets a win via small package against Alicia fox with Alaska at ringside.

Bad news Barrett comes out right after the match and trashes about valentines day that after that holiday people look in the mirror and are disgusted with themselves. He called Ontario fat pigs.

One of the Usos got the splash over Road dogg in 8 man tag of Outlaws/Ryback/Axel vs Usos and Goldust/Cody. Exciting high pace match.

Renee Young interviews Orton regarding his match with Cesaro tonight.

Next they show a Promo with Lana and rusev in Russian.

Titus O’Neil joins color commentary during Darren Young vs Damien Sandow.

D young b Sandow via quick roll up short match. O’Neil jumps Young from behind, Young gets the upper hand and rips O’Neil’s pants off.

Miz b Fandango w/summer via finisher and distraction from Santino and Emma. Emma and Summer brawl it out and Santino hits fandango with cobra thus Miz winning with finisher.

Bobo Brazil video plays same one from raw.

Cesaro over Orton via finisher, very hot match crowd was split at first then cesaro had the crowd in his pocket, loud reaction once he won.

Off air Kane comes out cuts promo and wants Bryan to come out and apologize for his actions. The two brawl it out and Bryan hits Kane with running knee. High fiving ringside fans.

No future date announced maybe Raw after SunmerSlam.

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