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Smackdown spoilers (airs 3/28/14)

by James and Bobby

Smackdown opened with Batista coming out for a promo saying that he came back because the fans kept asking him to return and then they booed him. He starts knocking Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and HHH, then knocked Stephanie. HHH came out and told him to leave Stephanie out of this. Batista told him he wouldn’t have any power if he hadn’t married Stephanie. HHH asked why is it suddenly personal and Batista said he’s beaten HHH every time they’ve ever wrestled. HHH said that if you want to make it personal, he made Batista the “Animal” and Batista instead got soft and walked away. HHH said we haven’t seen the Animal return yet and everyone is waiting. He announces Sheamus vs. Batista for tonight.

*The Shield beat 3MB after Dean Ambrose used the Nigel McGuinnness lariat and his DDT. Kane comes out and says The Shield will have another match.

*The Shield beat Curtis Axel & Ryback. Rollins pinned Axel with a Curb Stomp. Reigns nailed the Superman Punch on Ryback and they nail him with the triple powerbomb after.

*Fandango beat Goldust.

*Sin Cara pinned Damien Sandow with a rollup.

*Sheamus beat Batista by DQ when Batista goes nuts destroying him with a chair.

*Awesome Wyatt Family promo.

*The Bellas defeated WWE Divas champ AJ Lee and Tamina when Brie pinned Lee with an X-Factor. Lee and Tamina have problems after the match.

*Jack Swagger defeated one of the Usos with a Patriot Lock.

*Mark Henry pinned The Miz with the World’s Strongest Slam.

*Bray Wyatt pinned Big Show with Sister Abigail.

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