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After weeks of teasing, WWE has dropped the Max Dupri character in favor of bringing back LA Knight.

Last week on WWE SmackDown, Dupri broke with Maximum Male Models after Max and Maxxine stated that Mace, and Mansoor would model the Back To School collection but they were attacked by Braun Strowman.

Before the introduction, Max stated that Anaheim is just a "stones flow away from LA," a reference to his former name. This was one week after Max teased in a video on social media that "You have to go through the day to get to the night, yeah." reported today that Dupri is listed as LA Knight on the internal roster. So, he'll be back in his former NXT gimmick going forward, which was noted in the report as happening "ASAP."

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The report added that WWE plans to move forward with The Maximum Male Models group with Mace and Mansoor as a tag team, while Maxine Dupree will be their manager.