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Smith Hart to undergo chemotherapy treatment

Smith Hart

Smith Hart, 66, noted on his Facebook account that he would be undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatment to fight bone and prostate cancer. Hart announced his cancer diagnosis in January.

Here is the latest update from his Facebook account:

Yes the rumors are true that my cancer therapy hasn't been going very well and thus I will be going in this week for extensive chemotherapy. I still stay strong and I haven't given up the fight. Fortunately I was able to talk last night with my long time friend and former Stampede wrestler Paul The Butcher Vachon on the Hart Grapevine. Paul himself is a 2 time cancer survivor who certainly has had his struggles but is no doubt one of the toughest men to ever live. I will post a link later today. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

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We wish him the best of luck and we hope he makes a full recovery.