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Some of what Dana Warrior said on A&E’s “Biography” doesn’t match up with what Ultimate Warrior said in 2003

There was a lot of talk coming out of last night’s A&E Biography on The Ultimate Warrior, specifically some of the things he said after his wrestling career.

The documentary painted the picture that Warrior’s conservative beliefs were shaped by listening to talk radio and more specifically Rush Limbaugh.

It was also portrayed as if an anti-gay speech he gave at a college in 2003 was just a one-off and he realized that he made a big mistake once his wife Dana Warrior asked him what he said.

What was not said during the documentary was that Warrior made controversial anti-gay statements on multiple occasions, including on his old blog.

In 2003, Warrior said that his wife Dana helped him realize that he was living a conservative philosophy.

In a 2019 article on, David Bixenspan detailed some of Warrior’s anti-gay statements:

As noted earlier, Dana Warrior said that she did not take part in the Dark Side of the Ring documentary that will air this Thursday. She referred to that documentary as “smut and filth.”

Dark Side of the Ring producers interviewed Warrior’s first wife Shari Tyree for the documentary.

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