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Some people in WWE are spreading a false story about AEW ticket sales

There was an interesting story in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about AEW and what some people in WWE have tried to do to squash some of the buzz that they’ve had that has lead to quick sell-outs for many of their big shows.

Journalists Dave Meltzer and Fumi Saito were asked to be part of an international documentary on pro wrestling and the people producing the documentary also interviewed some people from WWE.

Prior to his interview for the documentary, Meltzer says he blocked the director not too long ago because the director asked if AEW co-founder Tony Khan had actually bought all of the tickets for the AEW shows that sold out quickly on the first day. Apparently, the director was told that Khan bought the tickets to make it look like AEW’s product was hot.

The reality is that what the director was told was not true and they really did sell out a bunch of shows on the first day. It turns out that what the director was told actually came from people from WWE. Yes, people in WWE who were interviewed for the documentary tried to push a false story claiming that the fast ticket sales were because Khan bought them all himself.

So, this is either a story that is being propagated from within some of the WWE talent or told to some of the talent in order to get it to spread. For the most part, ticket sales for AEW shows have been above market for most cities. The Miami ticket sales for Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite have done well and the Revolution pay-per-view sold out quickly on the first day.


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