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Some WWE NXT fans unhappy, no longer allowed to hang out with wrestlers before and after shows

There is some unhappiness among fans at Full Sail University because of some of the new NXT polices at the venue.

Dave Meltzer reported this week that a lot of the regular fans were unhappy about a few things. One of those things was how the action would slow down during commercial breaks. This was not an issue when the show was airing exclusively on the WWE Network. A couple of matches that came across really well on TV had chin locks during the breaks with not much action for the 4:00 breaks. The women’s match had about 6:00 of action when they were on the air and not much action during the 4:00 commercial break.

The Wrestling Observer story also noted that there is a lot less fan interaction with talent. The die-hard fans that go to most or all shows got to know the talent because they were able to hang with them before shows at the food trucks. They would also hang out after the show at the Ale House.

Apparently, there were no food trucks at the first NXT-USA show but that is a positive for the wrestlers because they were able to eat WWE catering.

Another thing that has changed is talent is now parking in the back of Full Sail. They used to park in the main parking lot and hang out with fans and go through the front entrance and leave through the front door where fans would get to talk with them and take pictures. Another thing that is also gone is talent and fans ordering dinner together before shows.

After the first NXT-USA show, none of the wrestlers went to the Ale House. That might explain why Triple H paid a visit to fans at the Ale House after last week’s show.

Here is the video of Triple H surprising fans at the Ale House after last week’s NXT on USA:

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