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Some WWE stars are worried about getting released



There is some concern among a few wrestlers in WWE about releases that could be coming when things get back to normal.

WWE will be taking a big hit this WrestleMania weekend as they will not be seeing revenue from ticket sales or merchandise sold and they are losing out on revenue that would have been generated from SmackDown, Raw, NXT TakeOver and the Hall Of Fame ceremony. People in the company have talked about how the company is unlikely to hit revenue projections this year and there will be pressure to cut back on costs.

Vince McMahon has offered big contracts to keep wrestlers from going elsewhere but given what is going on in the world, some lower card wrestlers have privately acknowledged that there may be some tough decisions made this year and there is a fear of talent cuts coming at some point.

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One wrestler in WWE told me, "I think guys know they can't depend on AEW as their safety net because they are going through their issues with canceled shows. This will be tough for a lot of guys and for a lot of people in [the wrestling business] overall."

The feeling is that most of the mid-card wrestlers and the top stars will be fine but some of the wrestlers not used much on shows are worried.

Eventually, travel restrictions will be lifted and WWE will be able to run shows in front of fans again but there is a realization that some fans may not be so quick to attend sports/entertainment events and WWE seems to be aware of that. A few days ago, the company sent out a fan survey and one of the questions asked was about spending habits and if they have changed during the coronavirus outbreak. There is no question that the entire business will be affected even after restrictions are lifted.