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Some WWE stars may finally get their release from the company soon

WWE may finally grant some releases to some wrestlers who want to leave the company.

As noted earlier this week, Sin Cara is the latest WWE star who has publicly stated that he’s asked for his release. He follows names like Luke Harper and Mike Kanellis who have asked for and not been granted releases because WWE wants to avoid wrestlers showing up on AEW Dynamite.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Sin Cara has an interest in going to the Combate Americas MMA promotion where Alberto Del Rio has a role as an executive and as a fighter. At 42 years old, it seems a little late to get into MMA but perhaps, his interest in combat fighting and not going to another promotion would convince WWE that it’s safe to let him go.

Harper asked for his release several months ago and it wasn’t granted and they added time to his contract to make up for the time he missed on the road due to injury. His contract will expire in a few months and most expect to see him in AEW. Kanellis hasn’t been granted his release and now he is taking offers for speaking appearances. He has a good money deal with WWE so he will essentially be paid to sit at home most of the time for the next five years.

There were some guys who were let go earlier this year but that was before WWE knew what AEW would become. Goldust (Dustin Rhodes), Tye Dillinger (Shawn Spears), and Hideo Itami (KENTA) were allowed to leave and it looks like WWE may finally be giving that option to some wrestlers.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE may be giving releases to some people who they think won’t be going to AEW or if they do go there it would be for people who probably won’t help AEW. So, as Meltzer reported, Sin Cara could end up getting his release.

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