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Someone in WWE may have accidentally sent an email hyping Eric Bischoff's return on SmackDown this Tuesday



Earlier today, we reported on an email blast that was sent out to fans in San Antonio that was hyping this Tuesday's SmackDown Live. The email stated that Eric Bischoff would be appearing on the show and fans might find out what is in store for the brand. Click here to see the email ad.

Bryan Alvarez was forwarded the email and he talked about it on Wrestling Observer Live.

However, someone in WWE told Alvarez that the creative team was up until late last night (after 4 am) and the ideas for SmackDown Live were not pitched yet.

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"Right now, all I know is that they have not even pitched a SmackDown show yet," Alvarez said. "There are people there who should know that are trying to find out if this email blast is real and if it's real [they want to know] who sent it out."

Alvarez continued, "Everybody there has seen the email over the last hour but nobody has even pitched a SmackDown show yet so they're not sure why there is an advertisement with Eric Bischoff on it."

So, we will just have to wait and see.